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The staff have mentioned they keep finding vomit in the bins but haven't caught anyone. To see someone you love waste away before your eyes must be one of the worst experiences. Her eating disorder is nothing to do with them, and even if they approached her. I don't think it's the gyms fault if she does continue and eventually die.I spoke to the manager about it today, I think it's their duty to intervene. I understand they are not qualified to diagnose a mental health problem..are they right to ignore it & therefore enable an illness that could lead to death? The gym cannot do anything but restrict her access to the gym if she is caught. Anorexia is the process of not wanting to eat...either because you're not hungry or you want to lose weight, but when you do eat you are NOT compelled to throw up. Its like any addictive behaviour they have to admit there's a problem before it can be cured. If she has an eating disorder, it should be her family and friends, work colleagues who know her that are trying to help her. And has she definitely got an eating disorder, maybe she's naturally thin. Not sure about this and I'm sure some legel eagle will put me right but think they could act using "Duty of care" as an excuse.Thus when she is involved in serious relationships she relapses.The anorexia almost causes her to have a duel personality.

Along with being anorexic, she is very controlling, which she has explained is connected.They only need to be of an opinion that what she is doing is bad for her and they can act.The problem you have with eating disorders, is unless the person who has the illness admits they have one, there really isn't much that can be done except hospital admission where they will be fed intravenously and sent to counciling, i can see why you are concerned, but there is not a lot the gym can do unfortunatly, in saying that if there is vomit, she could suffer from both bullima(spelling) and anerxia.I don't know how long she works out for, she's there when I arrive, & still there when I leave.Her complexion is pasty, & she looks generally very unwell. If there's vomit in the bins she could be bulimic (spelling? Whichever one it is they are the most destructive diseases as I believe no matter how much weight they lose they still see themselves as fat.

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