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These are among the main findings of a new Pew Research Center survey of 4,538 adults conducted between Aug. More than nine-in-ten adults think using birth control is either morally acceptable (36%) or not a moral issue at all (57%); just 4% say using contraception is morally wrong.Americans are much more conflicted, however, about the morality of homosexual behavior. And among those who say homosexual behavior is morally wrong, a large majority (76%) also say businesses that provide wedding services should be able to refuse to serve same-sex couples if the business owner has religious objections.

Another provision prevented local governments from enacting anti-discrimination policies that protect classifications not protected by state law.Radio stations in past games have included licensed music, original music made specifically for the game, DJ chat, and spoof advertising.This game includes 19 in-game radio stations (20 in the PC edition, though the 20th is just a user custom music player with over 360 tracks.Attorneys from Alliance Defending Freedom, the Christian nonprofit that wrote much of HB 1523, will argue on behalf of the state. House Bill 1523 is one bill in a wave of similar legislation proposed or adopted across the country in the last few years.Opponents argue these measures would legalize discrimination against the LGBT community.

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