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It is not the socialist paradise with which many have been so familiar, but rather a country on the verge of social collapse, threatened by its inability to integrate into its political structures the many minorities that almost constitute an alternative majority to the homogeneous Swedish population.

sun Mi-nuj.) The 31-year-old is about to become the comic you and your elder relatives quote together at holidays, charming and full of promise, like your friend’s cute younger brother. And this week, his own comedy special, , is out on Netflix, dismantling South Asian life in America with an assurance the topic’s been lacking. We all have the same cutlery, there’s certain Mikasa plates. He was like, “Do your parents want to come to the show? ” and he went, “Cool.” When you’re an underling in the comedy club, it’s like being in the mafia. The white managers were like, “Whatever you say, Russell,” and they bring my mom and dad, my aunt and uncle, into the thing. They’re sitting in a booth, and the whole club is packed!

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Joining the online dating world may seem complicated, but it is so easy.And Nicklas, recently returned from a mercenary tour in Afghanistan, is convinced that Sweden’s true enemy is its epidemic of violence against women, prompting him to launch an obsessive mission to avenge those wrongs.These stories orbit the murder of an unidentified man discovered by Thomas and his partner in Nicklas’ mother’s building.Mahmud, an Arab immigrant just released from prison, longs to be free of gangland clutches even while ­shaking hands with one kingpin to escape another’s wrath.Thomas is a hardened, violent, surprisingly idealistic cop who turns to the Serbian Mafia when the Stockholm police betray him.

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