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But don't worry: "It subsides quickly, as the spinal usually wears off after a few hours," assures Eskridge.The good news is you’ll be totally numbed from your belly down during surgery (and for a couple of hours afterward), so your cesarean won't hurt a bit.If she starts reacting to your nakedness with signs of embarrassment such as silly smiles, giggling, or shielding her eyes with her hand, it's probably smart to cover up.

They asked 30 new moms to provide five hours a day of such contact in the infant's first week of life followed by at least two hours of skin-to-skin contact daily for the next three weeks.Here we go: “Clay I have a true horror story to tell and I don’t know where to go from here.It was recently my girlfriend’s birthday and she is a known chocolate lover, so being the awesome boyfriend I am I got ahold of my mom and had her text me the family chocolate cake recipe. New mom Bump Lori gave it to us straight: "After my second c-section, a nurse came into my room in the middle of the night and gave me what I now refer to as a vaginal car wash. ” It's true: even though it isn't baby's exit route, your vagina will still be involved in your c-section and recovery.Basically, the “vaginal car wash” will come sometime after delivery (and more than once, if needed), and just involves a little rinse-down with a peri bottle and a pat down with a dry cloth—the point is to clean up any blood that will be leaking out after the surgery.

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