Sex chats edinburgh from courting to dating

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This chat is very informal and completely confidential (unless we think you are being harmed) however it is up to you what you tell us.It only takes 5-10mins and it gives you the chance to get info about safer sex, find out how to put on a condom, and ask questions which might be embarrassing to ask in front of your mates.

To register, the process is simple: If you are 13-15 years old the process is the same except you will be given a purple card and you'll need to have a wee chat with a member of staff each time you want condoms.

About Guys I Want To Meet: It would be interesting to talk to guys with a strong interest or passion, in any subject.... About Guys I Want To Meet: Looking for friends, maybe fun. I tend to judge a guy as he is rather than against a checklist. I consider myself intellectual and maybe a bit shy, but I'm looking ... About Guys I Want To Meet: Friends, gym buddies or whatever else really.

About Me: A nice, educated, gym going friendly guy who never knows what to write in these boxes. About Guys I Want To Meet: Web cam chat on Skype Or Looking for nice guys to chat with or to go swimming together. Someone to inspire me and help me keep on track in the gym would always be good!

Also, the survey showed that many of you hear about us by word of mouth, which means that you can really help us to reach others by spreading the word.

Everyone has the right to feel safe and to enjoy their experience at University.

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