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So, no more seven-minute dirges about car troubles, no spoken word odes to scrapbooking.That's not to say Pissed Jeans have gone soft on us.I’m obsessed with creepy dolls and this is totally awesome.." -Shithead see someone took this url, we aren’t associated with them) Thanks, Computer!The thing about Azealia Banks is that, while she is always acting like a complete shithead on the internet and IRL, she has no shortage of musical talent.

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Check out "Crown" and stay tuned for Banks sophomore album had some indelible moments of its own.

It's headbanging music that allows you to nod feverishly in agreement.

: Over the past decade, the Philly-via-Allentown band has occupied a very specific niche, making violent, shout-along sludge punk about situations that find men at their wimpiest and most impotent.

head sings about her immunization to AIDs, being bad, defying gravity, and coughing blood.

This video starts off semi-funny, goes completely weird, then leaves you wanting more.

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