Vashtie dating big sean

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NOOOOOO , Vashtie and Sean are not dating in real life but the images turned out just the way They both envisioned.(Steven Klein and Richard Avedon) and the Photographer wanted to make it look as if this celebrity power couple was followed around by paparazzi This is Vashtie Kola! As alot of people know i have been following Big Sean for a while and got a change to meet him, So anythime something that he does that i feel i want my blog followers to know about YES ill post!I almost sent a text to Big Sean when I saw these photos.Sean did not respond to the tweet or the allegations in it, but the rapper's representative told Us Weekly that it was Sean's decision to end the engagement and denied recent reports in Star magazine that he cheated on her.The representative added: 'Sean wishes Naya nothing but the best and it is still his hope that they can continue to work through their issues privately.The pair sang her hit "Love Me Harder" first, followed by two of his cuts, "Where Are U Now" and "As Long as You Love Me." After their performance, Bieber tweeted his appreciation. Thanks for having me @Ariana Grande and thanks LA," he wrote."Gotta tour again soon." His Los Angeles performance went off without a hitch, but that's not how it went down in Miami in late March when he admitted to forgetting the lyrics to "Love Me Harder." "So I feel bad, I forgot the words, Ariana," he said at the end of the song.

Big Sean did not threaten Justin Bieber over Ariana Grande. Does he regret either of his relationships since they didn't work out?Big Sean is currently dating Ashley Marie and is currently dating Jhene Aiko.On the type of person Pharrell is: “He’s a very nice guy.” On what she learned from her relationship with Pharrell: She said she learned a lot about business by watching Pharrell.His focus on his music and taking it to the next level is what impacted her the most.

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