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When the You Tube Community ignores Cory Williams he goes back to cheating using You Tube video autoplayers on My Space to create fake view counts for his videos which propels them onto You Tube's high profile Most Viewed Page.Cory tries to use a facade of respectability to scam businesses into becoming advertizing sponsors for his You Tube videos and for Cory to collect charity money for charities that do not exist.His channel has become a neverending advertizement-segment.Consequently, Cory has a deep-rooted fear of people reading Wiki-Truth articles about him, (predominatly on Encyclopedia Dramatica and The Other Wiki). Probably the single most interesting way to look at Cory, is to view him as a case study of narcissistic sociopathy.“I’ve been crying endlessly for missing this sold out show.I’m doing better now and I’m on my way to Birmingham.

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“Well, after getting GBH (date rape) in my system after attending my European assistant birthday and other things, I lost my mind and got my stomach pumped,” he wrote on Instagram following the scary incident.This is the alpha male; the archetypical high school class president.The sort of person who, in later adult life, tends to do extremely well in either politics or on Wall Street; not because of any kind of genuine merit whatsoever, but because of their inherent, pathological need to be at the top of any available social hierarchy, and the degree of proficiency that they develop in doing so.I want to do the same with Zoran, the Belgrade transplant who, with his older brother Vladimir, started their film company Metakwon Filmworks and began work on “Along the Roadside.” Zoran’s first feature film “Along the Roadside” blends NMR friends like Iman Crossan (Alphacat), Daniel Grozdich of the Gradual Report and Brock Baker, as well as several other big names in the You Tube community including Super Ed86, hiimrawn and Exotic Jess with “mainstream” actors like Michael Madsen (“Kill Bill,” “Reservoir Dogs”) and tells the narrative of two people from different walks of life travelling to a music concert across the country.While the film has been playing at film festivals around the world, it gets a theatrical release in February.

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