Who is stephanie mcmahon dating

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Mc Mahon, daughter of WWE Chairman and CEO Vince Mc Mahon and retired CEO/Trump cabinet member Linda Mc Mahon, the younger sister of WWE part-owner/wrestler Shane Mc Mahon, and wife of WWE executive/wrestler Paul "Triple H" Levesque.

Mc Mahon began appearing regularly on-air for WWE (then WWF as the World Wrestling Federation) in 1999 as a part of a storyline with The Undertaker.

Triple H was already influential in production meetings and creative discussions.

His status as Vince Mc Mahon‘s son-in-law would make his role even more significant.

Although some WWE romances are mainly kept private, this one is frequently brought up during promos, with Stephanie Mc Mahon often being accused of abusing her power to help Triple H on Not long after Stephanie Mc Mahon and Triple H began dating behind-the-scenes, they broke up in front of the camera.

Teresa of Avila Catholic Church in Sleepy Hollow, New York.Triple H would end up getting to have children, as he and Stephanie Mc Mahon have three kids.Their oldest child, Aurora Rose Levesque, was born on July 24th, 2006.In early 1999, she became involved in an on-screen storyline involving her father, Vince Mc Mahon, and The Undertaker.The Undertaker stalked and abducted Stephanie Mc Mahon and almost "married" her in the middle of the ring in an "Unholy Wedding" ceremony performed by Paul Bearer, until Steve Austin, her father's then nemesis, rescued her.

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